Location Trinidad and Tobago

Duration/ term November 2011 to November 2012

Funders JB Fernandes Memorial Trust I

Amount USD 75,000

Goal and objectives

The purpose of this project is to improve livelihoods for individuals, community based organisations and/ or collectives in four rural communities in Trinidad and Tobago through facilitating and supporting the start up of small businesses based on the sustainable use of natural resources. The four communities are Blanchisseuse, Brasso Seco, Heights of Aripo and Speyside.

The project objectives are to:

  • Enhance communication and partnerships between four rural communities and agencies that can provide funding and technical assistance through facilitation of a joint workshop focusing on communication, networking and building partnerships.
  • Support the start-up of small businesses based on the sustainable use of natural resources in four communities through providing mentoring, coaching and small grants.
  • Explore the idea of collective marketing by communities including via development of a “community sustainable livelihoods” brand.

This project is a continuation of a project begun in 2010 that helped people in rural districts in Trinidad and Tobago to identify natural resources found in their communities and the feasibility of businesses that can be based on their sustainable use.

Project Activities

  • Remobilisation of the four communities
  • Workshop on communication, networking and building partnerships
  • Mentoring and coaching of the four communities
  • Small grants scheme
  • Development of proposal for collective marketing of products and services offered by rural communities throughout the Caribbean.

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