The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) is an independent technical institute working across the Caribbean to further sustainable development in the region. Its strategy and programmes are driven by its mission to promote and facilitate stakeholder participation and collaboration in the stewardship of renewable natural resources in the Caribbean. CANARI works at local, national and regional levels and also engages in international processes as an advocate for Caribbean sustainable development and to share experiences from the region while learning from other countries and regions facing similar issues.

CANARI’s work is currently oriented around five inter-linked strategic directions:

  • Learning, advocating on and building capacity for approaches to resilience-building that work across sectors and scales to address diverse development challenges in a holistic way;
  • Facilitating the conservation, sustainable use and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems in support of Caribbean social, cultural and economic development;
  • Championing equity and justice in meeting the environmental and livelihood needs of poor and vulnerable people;
  • Informing, convening and empowering people and institutions for participatory governance of natural resources; and
  • Working together with stakeholders to introduce innovation in approaches, institutions and enterprises, which is needed to make the transformation to sustainable development in today’s rapidly changing world.

The first four of the above strategic directions align with the Institute’s main programme areas, while innovation is a cross-cutting theme.

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