Improving livelihoods in rural communities in Trinidad and Tobago by developing small business ideas based on the sustainable use of natural resources Location Trinidad and Tobago

Duration / term January 2010 to December 2011

Funders JB Fernandes Memorial Trust I

Amount USD 100,000

Goal and objectives

The goal of the project is to influence policy and practice to support the development of sustainable rural livelihoods in Trinidad & Tobago. The purpose of this project is to improve rural livelihoods in six rural communities in Trinidad and Tobago through facilitating and supporting the development of small and micro-enterprises based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

The project objectives are to:

  • Build the capacity of six rural communities to engage in strategic visioning and planning and the identification of revenue-generating activities based on the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Catalyse and support the development of small and micro-enterprises, either run by individuals, community organisations, or collectives, in six communities.
  • Facilitate greater sharing of experiences and collaboration by six rural communities with other communities and stakeholders within Trinidad and Tobago and the islands of the Caribbean about how they can more effectively develop livelihoods based on the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Empower six rural communities to better network with technical and financial support agencies and to advocate for enhanced support of their efforts for livelihood development.

Project Activities

  • Selection of the six communities for participation in the project
  • Community mobilisation
  • Facilitation of participatory strategic visioning and planning workshops in six selected rural communities to identify potential community-based small businesses, either individual or to be run by community-based organisations or collectives (Workshop 1).
  • Facilitating the selection of priority businesses (Workshop 2)
  • Hosting a Community Expo
  • Follow-up visits with the communities

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Improving Rural Livelihoods in Trinidad and Tobago

Community Expo- May 20, 2011


Community Expo sponsored by JB Fernandes Memorial Trust I

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