Simone Lee, CEPF English-speaking Caribbean Country Coordinator

[email protected]

Simone is an environmental professional with a focus on coastal and marine environments, as well as social community-based projects in the Caribbean. She first started in this field through the Jamaican branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and passion in marine biology. She has a Bachelors (BSc.) in Zoology, a Masters (MSc.) in Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems, and is currently undergoing a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Management.

Like many Millennials, she is fueled by a desire to ‘make a difference’ and has worked in the environmental field for over 12 years in academia, private sector and Non-Governmental Organizations. She has worked on a variety of projects including ecological and social scientific research, nature-based solutions and ecosystem restoration, community development projects, capacity building activities, community-based research, marine protected areas and management of multi-stakeholder projects. She has also worked on numerous projects involving climate change vulnerability and adaptation, disaster risk reduction and ecosystem-based adaptation.

Simone’s role at CANARI is as the Country Coordinator (English-speaking Caribbean) for the CEPF project, working with the rest of the CEPF team, civil society groups and communities as they apply for, and implement biodiversity-related grants in their Key Biodiversity Areas.