August 6, 2020 – CANARI Issue Paper No. 2, Rising to the climate challenge: Coastal and marine resilience in the Caribbean, highlights key lessons and innovations to build the resilience of coastal communities, livelihoods and the natural resources they depend on.

The report draws on ten years of work by CANARI and its partners across the Caribbean. Critical issues are highlighted including the need for action ‘on the ground’ focused on the needs of the most vulnerable, including women, youth, the very poor and key resources users such as fisherfolk.

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Key recommendations for building coastal and marine resilience include:

1)      Documenting and integrating local and traditional knowledge and practices as a key resource

2)      Strengthening the capacity of coastal communities and resource users so they can play a significant role

3) Applying community-based and ecosystem based solutions to build resilient ecosystems, communities and livelihoods

4) Supporting SMEs based on coastal and marine resources to ‘climate proof’ to build livelihood resilience and adopt sustainable practices as a key pathway to the blue-green economy