Article for the October 2021 edition of the CANARI Gayap newsletter about the “Caribbean Voices for Climate Justice” series, written by Dr. Ainka Granderson, Senior Technical Officer, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) 

September 29, 2021


From August to November 2021, the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) is convening deliberative dialogues to engage thought leaders, advocates, creatives and other actors to share their perspectives on climate justice and how COVID-19 recovery can support a just transition. These dialogues will inform the development of a Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance and a collective advocacy agenda.

The Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance is being established to build a regional coalition and grassroots movement of leading civil society organisations (CSOs), academia, creatives and other non-state actors to transform policy and practice and catalyse action for climate justice and a just transition. Bringing together what are now small and disconnected efforts, the alliance will help build a unified, coherent and amplified civil society voice to enhance the effectiveness and impact of calls for climate justice for the most vulnerable in the Caribbean.

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Photo: CANARI staff taking part in the Global #ClimateStrike campaign on September 20, 2019, which was led by students in more than 150 countries who called for urgent action on climate change. Credit: CANARI