Ecosystems of Grenada – past, present and future.

Calling Grenada’s residents! Have you seen changes in your ecosystems? Grab your cell phone and shoot a short video (up to 2 minutes long) explaining how one ecosystem (e.g. river, waterfall, forest, beach, lake, mangrove swamp, marsh, estuary, coral reef, seagrass bed, mountain, savannah or spring) has changed over the past ten years, how the ecosystem (plants and/or animals and physical environment) are likely to change over the next ten years and what factors are causing these changes. Show us how you or the neighbouring communities, or businesses depend on this ecosystem.  You can win Amazon gift cards up to US $200 in value! Prizes will be given for the three best Grenada videos, as well as the best Carriacou video and best Petite Martinique video!

Step 1
Shoot your video within or near an ecosystem capturing the information described above. Tell us the name of the area and type of ecosystem. Feel free to narrate from in front or behind the camera and edit the video for best effect. Get your friends to help shoot the video! Click here for tips on how to improve the quality of your video. Each entrant can submit up to two videos but they must be based on two different ecosystem types.


Step 2
Send your video to [email protected] or whatsapp number+1-473-449-1265. Include your full name as the video file name. An entry form must be sent along with the video to be eligible. You can send the entry form to the same email address or whatsapp number above as a PDF, photograph or scanned document. The name on video file must correspond to the name on the entry form. The contest starts 12pm AST December 10th 2019- and closes 12pm AST January 6th 2019.   Any questions regarding the video contest can be directed to Mr. Aaron Peter at email address [email protected]


Step 3
Wait to see if you are a winner! Winners will be contacted via email or telephone by February 14th, 2020. Videos will be judged on:

  1. Messaging- There is a clear message or story showcasing the contest theme.
  2. Technical quality – See tips for shooting a cell phone video here.
  3. Content-The video makes good use of footage and narration to illustrate the theme.

Contest resources: 

  1. Entry/submission forms
  2. Nine tips for shooting a video
  3. Glossary of terms

This video competition is an activity under the Grenada National Ecosystem Assessment. For more information on the project click here.