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Stakeholders are invited to identify priority regional issues, concerns and strategic directions for the CARICOM Biodiversity Strategy (CBS) using one or more of the following options to share your perspectives with us.  Please also remember that the CBS is the framework for regional assistance to Members of CARICOM in their implementation of the Convention on Biodiversity Global Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2011-2020). The CBS thus focuses on the priorities, directions and activities which can be more efficiently executed by Members of CARICOM working together with the CARICOM Secretariat and other regional and international agencies.

Options and reference materials to provide feedback by the 4th of May, 2018: 

1. You can download and comment on the CBS Synthesis Report here. This Synthesis Report  reviews and summarises existing national, regional and international biodiversity-related strategies, action plans, and programmes to inform stakeholder discussions and prioritisation. Please return the report with your comments either in the document itself, in a separate word document or in an email to CANARI Technical Officer Frederique Fardin at [email protected]. Apart from any general comments and views, we welcome your specific responses to the questions posed in the tables on the Aichi Targets in the report. Please provide your contact information in the email including name, organisation, email address and telephone number so we can follow up with you e.g. if clarification is needed.

2. You can also comment on one or more specific topics of interest to you using the questions in the discussion papers below. These papers have been distilled from the Synthesis Report and the outcomes of the first set of national and regional civil society consultations on the CBS. You are welcome to comment both on discussion papers and the entire synthesis report if you wish. You comments within the document, in an email or separate word document  can be emailed to CANARI Technical Officer Frederique Fardin at [email protected].

Stakeholder feedback during this first phase of consultation will be used to craft the draft CBS which will then also be shared for review and comment before finalisation.

Thank you in advance for your contribution! Any questions or general comments on the CBS development process can be directed to Dr. Natalie Boodram, Senior Technical Officer, at [email protected]. For more information on the overall project please click here.