Coastal and Marine Livelihoods and Governance

About The Programme

Our goal is to improve livelihoods and contribute to poverty reduction by promoting and facilitating sustainable use and governance of coastal and marine resources, building effective institutions and facilitating collaboration among key stakeholders.
Our main areas of work include:
  • Strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations to engage in participatory governance and management of the coastal and marine environment
  • Building the capacity of coastal and marine management authorities in participatory approaches essential in the Ecosystem-based Management
  • Facilitating participatory development of national and regional policies and plans for coastal and marine resources governance that address sustainable livelihoods and well-being for coastal communities
  • Developing and strengthening sustainable community enterprises and building their capacity to adopt environmentally friendly practices that will enhance livelihoods and conserve coastal and marine resources
  • Researching, documenting and sharing results, lessons and recommendations to support policy and practice for improved coastal and marine governance and management


CANARI Programme Manager

Nicole Leotaud, Executive Director, [email protected]

CANARI Programme Advisor(s)

Patrick McConney, Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES)