The Action Research and Learning Group (ARLG) comprises two senior representatives from each of the 10 civil society organisations selected to participate in the ARLG process.

ARLG meetings were convened annually during the project and provided an opportunity for facilitator-led capacity building, peer exchange and field study. The intention is that the relationships built during the workshops will provide the basis for ongoing networking, exchange of information and collaboration on projects of mutual interest, both within and beyond the UKOTS.

Three meetings were held under the project: the first in March 2010 in Nevis, the second in March 2011 in Montserrat, and the third in the British Virgin Islands in early 2012.

Member organisations of the ARLG (who attended at least one meeting) were:

Report of the first ARLG meeting

Report of the second ARLG meeting

Report of the third ARLG meeting