Civil Society and Governance

About The Programme

Our goal is “to enhance the capacity of civil society stakeholders to participate equitably and effectively in the governance of natural resources and amplify their voices, through research and action learning, innovative capacity building programmes and communication and application of lessons learnt.”
The programme is built on a strong foundation of 30 years of CANARI work supporting community resource users such as fisherfolk, community-based organisations and national  and regional non-governmental organisations throughout the region, through mentoring, strengthening technical and organisational capacity, training, and facilitating networking and advocacy.
Our main areas of work are:
  • capacity building support to civil society partners throughout the Caribbean region, including through training, mentoring and developing tools and toolkits aimed at helping Caribbean civil society organisations (CSOs) to strengthen both technical and organisational capacity;
  • facilitating participatory processes to support CSOs’ role in policy development and implementation at national and regional levels;
  • facilitating regional networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to provide peer support and exchange of best practices, support CSO capacity building at all levels, and scale up impacts;
  • brokering and strengthening partnerships within Caribbean civil society and between Caribbean civil society and other actors nationally, regionally and globally;
  • supporting more effective grant-making to civil society in the Caribbean by playing the role of intermediary to improve coordination of small grant programmes in the region; and advocating for civil society participation, ownership and stronger roles in governance and policy processes throughout the region.


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CANARI Programme Advisor(s)

Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada