CANARI employs technical, professional and administrative staff to implement its programmes. Every effort is made to adopt a team-based approach that fosters linkages between programme areas and encourages the participation of all staff in programme planning and implementation. CANARI has a strong commitment to being a continuous learning organisation and encourages staff both to develop new programme areas that reflect their individual interests and to pursue formal programmes of training and development. To assure its financial sustainability, CANARI operates with a relatively small permanent staff, which is supplemented by the use of the Associates and consultants.

Current staff members are:

Nicole Leotaud

Executive Director and Managing Partner

Ainka Granderson

Senior Technical Officer

Natalie Boodram

Senior Technical Officer

Nicole Brown

Adjunct Senior Technical Officer

Sasha Jattansingh

Senior Technical Officer

Akosua Dardaine Edwards

Adjunct Senior Technical Officer

Anna Cadiz-Hadeed

Adjunct Senior Technical Officer

Melanie Andrews

Technical Officer

Candice Ramkissoon

Technical Officer

Neema Ramlogan

Technical Officer

Sasha Harrinanan

Technical Officer – Communications

Aaron Peter

Junior Technical Officer

Venash Ramberan

Finance Officer

Kathryn Jones Douglas

Human Resources Officer

Anastacia Lee Quay

Administrative Officer

Deanna Albert

Technical Officer