Description of project:

Participatory video (PV) is a process where stakeholders are involved in making their own video to tell their story in their own words.  It gives stakeholders a direct voice using a very powerful communication medium. The participants learn to use the camera, create a storyboard, capture the footage, edit the video and disseminate it to their chosen target audiences. PV has proven to be particularly useful for marginalised stakeholders such as those in rural communities or groups such as the fisherfolk and rural women. It brings the challenges and issues facing stakeholders alive for others who may not have an opportunity to see the challenges directly. PV can be use for advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, research, exchange of ideas and building consensus.


  • Fisherfolk in Blanchisseuse along the north coast of Trinidad advocated for ice and fuel facilities in their community. A private individual provided ice and the national gas company is working with the fisherfolk association to provide a fuel pump for the fisherfolk.
  • Members of the Caura community were able to articulate their challenge through video and use it to initiate dialogue with the Member of Parliament for the area to improve waste disposal in the community.

Key activities and results:


  • Giving voice to stakeholders: A guide to participatory video
  • Facilitating participatory natural resource management:  A toolkit for Caribbean managers (EnglishSpanish).


For more information, contact Anna Hadeed, Senior Technical Officer [email protected]

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