Calling Civil Society! Our oceans need your support!

Join the movement to support a healthy marine environment and sustainable use of our natural resources. Endorse the “People Managing Oceans” programme!

(REQUIRED: When signing this endorsement, please state the name of the organisation on whose behalf you are signing)


What is “People Managing Oceans”?
“People Managing Oceans” is an ambitious programme to unify and focus civil society action across the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf region to implement 8 strategies and 90 associated actions for management of key coastal and marine ecosystems: coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, pelagic ecosystems, and continental shelf ecosystems.

It also outlines priorities for strengthening civil society’s capacity and enabling mechanisms for participatory governance and management of oceans.


“People Managing Oceans” is the “Civil Society Strategic Action Programme” (C-SAP) that was developed by civil society for civil society to support their role in managing the marine ecosystems in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf region.

The strategies in “People Managing Oceans” are closely aligned with the strategies in the 10-year ‘Strategic Action Programme for the Sustainable Management of the Shared Living Marine Resources of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems’ (CLME+ SAP). This seeks to contribute to a healthy marine environment that provides benefits and livelihoods for the well-being of the people of the region. It has been politically endorsed by more than 25 countries.

Civil society organisations need to take their place as implementing partners in this regional programme!


Why should you endorse “People Managing Oceans”?
By endorsing “People Managing Oceans” you; civil society/small and micro enterprises, show that you agree with the strategies and actions set out in the programme, and agree, to the extent possible, to support and promote its use within your organisation and among other civil society organisations within your network.

Endorsing “People Managing Oceans” also shows governments, inter-governmental agencies and donors that civil society is committed to being a partner in managing the marine ecosystems in the CLME+ region and supporting the politically endorsed CLME+ SAP.


Who should endorse “People Managing Oceans”?

  • Civil society organisations (environmental, fisherfolk, women and youth groups) with mandates for coastal and marine resources management
  • Small and micro enterprises with an interest in coastal and marine resources management


CSOs and SMES, show your support for civil society’s role in managing oceans. Endorse this “People Managing Oceans” petition!


Access the full booklet and factsheet for “People Managing Oceans” here:

Full booklet (English)

Full booklet (Spanish)

Factsheet (English)

Factsheet (Spanish)