The Grenada National Ecosystem Assessment project was highlighted at the 2022 World Biodiversity Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

CANARI Project Manager, Dr. Natalie Boodram presented and also participated as a panellist at the hybrid workshop, “Understanding Diverse Relationships in and with Nature”, on Tuesday 28th June 2022, which focused on importance of plural valuations in ecosystem assessments. Plural valuation examines different values of nature as perceived by various stakeholder groups including monetary, intrinsic, social and cultural values. It is hoped that chronicling these diverse values can lead to better appreciation of and improved management of natural resources.

The overall objectives of the workshop included:

  • To discuss how to incorporate plural valuation at the national level
  • To connect the global discussion on Nature’s Contribution to People with the local practice of National Ecosystem Assessment
  • To reveal some of the success and challenges in incorporating the plural valuation at the national level
  • To discuss how incorporation of plural valuations can support transformative change towards sustainable society.

Examples and insights were provided from the Grenada and Colombia National Ecosystem Assessments. The strong participatory approach of the Grenada NEA was highlighted, particularly the focus on incorporating civil society voices at all stages in the development of the assessment.

The workshop was also led and supported by Grenada Coordinating Lead Authors Dr. Hiroe Ishihara, Dr. Reia Guppy and Professor Jonathan Rosenberg and also Lead Author Dr. Desiree Daniel.

For further information, please see the workshop recording and Grenada NEA presentation below: