🗣 Calling All Caribbean Escazú Champions


As the second meeting of Escazú Agreement signatories on December 9-10, 2020 draws near, CANARI wants to remind stakeholders just why this impending, groundbreaking #environmental treaty is so important to our region.


To that end, today we’re launching #IfwehadEscazú – an online campaign that highlights real and relatable stories from Caribbean citizens about how the pillars of the Escazú Agreement can and will contribute to a better Caribbean when the treaty comes into force.


YOUR STORY (knowledge, insights, experiences) about environmental management in your community/country can help us do that and we want to hear from YOU!


📱📹🌴 You can submit photos/photo collages/short videos; the latter must be no longer than ONE minute, that showcase practical examples of how you think the Escazú Agreement can contribute to a better Caribbean, by: protecting #biodiversity; addressing environmental issues concerning degradation; and/or protecting nature-based livelihoods.


Learn more about the Escazú Agreement: https://www.cepal.org/en/escazuagreement


This campaign is part of a wider, ongoing advocacy campaign under the PISCES project for regional implementation of this important environmental treaty.