Guest blog for the “Caribbean Voices for Climate Justice” series by Malene Alleyne, Founder, Freedom Imaginaries

November 16, 2021


The climate crisis is the logical consequence of a racial capitalist order that normalizes resource plundering, indigenous dispossession, environmental destruction, and a process of racial structuring that relegates former colonies to sacrificial zones of extraction. The global human rights system has traditionally been complicit in sustaining this order, mainly by failing to confront issues of political economy and historical structures of oppression. However, there are existing human rights tools that could be strengthened and leveraged to take action against the climate crisis. This blog explores the framework for economic, social, cultural and environmental (ESCE) rights as one such tool.

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Photo: (Top row, second from left) Malene Alleyne, Dr. Esther Figueroa, and other Caribbean advocates appear before the IACHR for a landmark hearing on the Impact of Extractive Industries on Human Rights and Climate Change in the Caribbean, held on October 26, 2021.