Joyce Thomas is a multi-skilled seasoned professional with extensive experience in the fields of environmental management, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in Grenada and the Caribbean region.

Since 2009, Ms. Thomas has worked, throughout the Caribbean region, as an independent consultant on natural hazard/disaster risk management, environmental management, and climate change adaptation. In addition to consulting, Ms. Thomas also conducts training workshops and seminars on natural hazard risk management and climate change adaptation for multiple regional organizations.

Ms. Thomas has also authored and co-authored several reports and studies.  She was the lead author for the UNDESA-funded study on Climate Change Adaptation in Grenada: Water Resources, Coastal Ecosystem and Renewable Energy.  She also authored the report on Technology Needs Assessment Adaptation for Grenada; the focus of which was the water sector.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Thomas has served head of the disaster management offices in Grenada and Turks and Caicos Islands.  She also served as national coordinator for the CaribSave Partnership work under the UNEP Ecosystem Based Adaptation project which conducted research on coastal vulnerability in Grenada.

Ms. Thomas holds a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources Management, Rural and Urban Environmental Management from the University of the West Indies and a postgraduate certification in Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. She has also completed professional development training in Catchment Hydrology and River Geomorphology at Queen Mary University in London, United Kingdom; and Natural Hazard Risk Management at the University of Twente in Holland.