Dr.  Jody Daniel – Simon is a community and wetland ecologist interested in how changes in environmental conditions, whether driven by climate or land use activities, affect biological communities.  She applies tools and concepts from landscape ecology, community ecology and geography to investigate how plants, birds and aquatic macroinvertebrates are likely affected by climate and land use. For her PhD, she evaluated the importance of land use and terrain in predicting climate change impacts on wetlands and investigated the sensitivity of biological communities to changes in wetland water levels, driven by climate change, in Alberta Canada. Also, in Alberta, she predicted the cumulative effects of oil and gas infrastructure on grassland songbird productivity for her Master’s at the University of Manitoba. The findings from this work are being used by land managers to advocate for cumulative effects considerations in regional planning.

Currently, she a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Waterloo, where she is building fuzzy cognitive models, based on information from Indigenous Peoples and Western Scientists, to better understand the population dynamics of Northern Fulmars in the Arctic. As the Executive Director of Gaea Conservation Network, she is leading a 3-year project that aims to improve mangrove restoration success rates  in Grenada.