The Government of Grenada in collaboration with CANARI hosted a Scenarios Workshop in support of the Grenada’s National Ecosystem Assessment (Grenada NEA). The 2-day hybrid workshop (conducted both in-person and online) was held on 29th and 31st March 2022, with participation from a range of local and regional stakeholders representing Government agencies, civil society , private sector, and regional institutions.

Scenarios are descriptions of plausible and consistent future states which differ from each other in responding to a set of drivers. The Scenarios workshop provided this understanding of future foresight scenarios and its role in decision making. The workshop helped in identifying factors driving changes in Grenada’s ecosystems, and also identified critical factors / uncertainties influencing the future of Grenada’s ecosystems. The outputs of this workshop will support the NEA chapter team in developing a range of future scenarios and policy options for Grenada.

Day 1 of the workshop introduced participants to scenarios planning, and driving factors. Group discussions were held on identifying drivers and trends linked to ecosystem services. Day 2 continued with groups mapping drivers / trends to determine critical uncertainties.

The workshop provided a template for developing future scenarios and stakeholders will continue to be engaged in the development of these pathways towards a sustainable future.

Workshop Resources: