Description of project:

The Experience Nariva project will design and implement a community-based ecotourism model for conservation in the Nariva Swamp Protected Area (NSPA), designated a wetland of international significance under the Ramsar Convention, and surrounding communities on the south-east coast of Trinidad. The project aims to support the transformation of the local eco-tourism offerings, from an ad hoc development to a more coordinated, sustainable and inclusive model, involving micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and one that promotes the conservation of the NSPA, its natural resources and the communities around it.

This project is one of eight concepts being implemented under the Beyond Tourism Challenge facilitated by the Inter-American Development Bank Innovation Laboratory (IDB Lab) and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, which was designed to support tourism pandemic recovery efforts through innovative and sustainable approaches. The CANARI-led “Experience Nariva” initiative has a total funding amount of USD $450, 000 and will take place from 2021 to 2024. See here for the project summary.



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Key activities and results:

  • Component 1 focuses on the formation of a tourism cluster and strategic partnership development
  • Component 2 focuses on Small and micro enterprise (SME) capacity building to fully leverage economic activities available under the tourism trust.
  • Component 3 is on the development and implementation of participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS), building the capacity of community members to participate in ecosystem stewardship activities for biodiversity conservation in the NSPA
  • Component four designs and pilots a conservation fund, giving access to small grant funding for sustainable management and conservation of ecosystems and ecosystem services within the NSPA.


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