Dr. Howard P. Nelson

A wildlife biologist and forester, Howard was born in Trinidad. He studied Zoology and holds a BSc and MPhil in this discipline from the University of the West Indies (UWI) – St. Augustine. He earned his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he undertook a dual doctorate in forestry and wildlife ecology. Most of his research has focused on tropical forests and wildlife conservation in the Caribbean.

Howard has worked in the NGO sector, and was Chief Executive Officer and Conservation Manager for the Asa Wright Nature Centre, in the government sector, serving as an environmental policy specialist in Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of the Environment, and in academia, as the former leader for the UWI-St. Augustine’s Regional MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development.

He is currently Leader for Post-Graduate Wildlife Programmes at the University of Chester, in the United Kingdom.