Grenadian Dessima Williams was the Special Advisor for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Office of the President of the 71st Session of the General Assembly, 2016 -2017. The Ambassador served as  the President’s representative at a wide range of meetings around the world.  She was also the team leader for a group of 12 professionals who together hosted High Level Events including sustaining peace, climate change, finance, innovation, ocean conference and education.  She has spoken at a range of international conferences and meetings.

Williams  has served as Permanent Representative of Grenada to the United Nations, 2009-2013; The Grenadian diplomat was responsible for leading the Alliance of Small Island Developing States, AOSIS through climate change negotiations for three years, starting early 2009, as well as negotiations toward the sustainable development meeting, Rio+20 in 2012.  She provided leadership for the energy facility for islands, SIDS-DOCK and for raising $29 million start-up contributions.

Immediately before coming to the United Nations in September 2016, she was the Executive Director of the Grenada Education and Development Programme, GRENED, which works with rural young school-aged girls and boys.  She has been an advocate for children and women’s rights and has been a long-time support of sustainable development and the United Nations.

As Ambassador to the Organization of American States and Deputy Governor for Grenada to the World Bank in the 1980’s, she championed the rights of Grenada, the Caribbean and small states seeking an end to “cross conditionality”.  She enjoys farming, gardening and swimming and lives in Grenada and the US.