Dennis Sammy has been at the forefront of conservation and ecotourism efforts in Trinidad and Tobago, with over 25 years’ experience in leadership positions at the grassroots level.  His contributions earned him a National Award (Humming Bird Silver Medal) in 2001 for his ‘loyalty and devoted service to Trinidad and Tobago in the sphere of the environment’.  Dennis’s formal training is in protected area management and tourism, which he has applied in supporting and sustaining community participation in natural resource management. Over the years, he has learned to appreciate and apply capacity building as a means of enhancing organisations’ competencies. He promises that any organisation in which he is involved will sustain results in the long term by ensuring the right governance systems are in place.

Dennis has a particular interest in working with stakeholders to improve the conditions for co-management in the Caribbean as a cost-effective, sustainable approach to managing natural or protected areas. Over the next five years, he intends to research and explore the development of models for sustaining social enterprises that can generate meaningful social, economic and environmental benefits.