Mr. Daniel Lewis is an agronomist by profession and holds a Masters’ of Science Degree in Plant breeding from the University of Puerto Rico (Mayaguez Campus). He recently retired as  the Chief Agricultural Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture & Lands in Grenada.

Mr. Lewis has had a very distinguished public service career and has dedicated his entire service to the Government and people of Grenada. His over thirty years of works experience has been exclusively with the Public Service in Grenada, two years as a teacher of the Grenada Boys Secondary School and thirty years at the Ministry of Agriculture.

He has worked extensively in research in the Cut flower Industry in Grenada and has developed a great passion for Ornamental Horticulture. He has contributed and continues to contribute towards the development of this sub sector of the agri-food industry in Grenada. He has done extensive research in many of the heliconias, ornamental gingers and other ornamental plants on the island.

Mr. Lewis was also involved in the Banana Industry having served as the Executive Chairman of the now defunct Grenada Banana Cooperative Society. He served as a Director of The Windward islands Banana Development & Exporting Company (WIBDECO now WINFRESH). He also served as a Director on the Board of Directors of WIBDECO-FYYFEES  Joint Venture Company in the UK.

Mr. Lewis has worked closely over the years with many international and regional organizations including the FAO, IICA, CARDI, the World Bank, IFAD, the Convention on Biological Diversity, CABI, UWI, the USDA, the Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CTA), etc.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Agriculture, he has represented Grenada extensively in national, regional and international forums. He has served as the National Biosafety Focal Point which is geared at managing the safe handling, transfer, use, etc. of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). He has authored the second, third and fourth National Biodiversity report of Grenada.

He also has worked in areas related to Biodiversity and is the author of the report ‘Biodiversity for Food & Agriculture in Grenada’ following the mandate from the FAO in that institution’s pursuance of the determination of the State of Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture from a global perspective.