Description of project: 

The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) is leading implementation of the project “EnviroRightsTT: Building civil society capacity to access information, participate in policymaking and access justice in environmental matters” in Trinidad and Tobago. Environment Tobago is an implementing partner.  The project places the spotlight on facilitating the empowerment of CSOs and community members to advocate for and support vulnerable groups to access environmental information, participate in decision-making processes and seek justice to protect citizens’ right to a healthy environment.

Though public participation is enshrined in environmental policies in T&T there is limited understanding of how these processes work.  Additionally, there is a need to strengthen existing mechanisms to allow for effective voice and opportunity for marginalised and vulnerable groups to engage in decision-making.  In particular, co-management and collaborative arrangements are not optimally used nor is civil society fully recognised as a legitimate development partner with a meaningful role in environmental governance, particularly in shaping national economic sustainable development.  Through the EnviroRightsTT project CANARI is placing significant focus on protecting the right to a healthy environment through improved environmental governance with better transparency, accountability, inclusive decision-making, and more informed and just public policy.

For more information, please see project brief here.

The EnviroRightsTT project is funded by the European Union Support to Civil Society Organisations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Project partners are EquiGOV, Environmental Law Associates Worldwide (ELAW) and Parliamentarians for Global Action.

Key project outputs include:

  • Improved capacity of CSOs to access environmental information using the FOIA
  • Increased capacity of CSOs to engage in environmental decision-making processes to improve policy responsiveness to the needs to vulnerable groups
  • Enhanced capacity of CSOs and their allies to seek justice through the mechanisms of the Environmental Commission
  • Enhanced collaboration among and between CSOs, journalists, lawyers, parliamentarians, government agencies, and other stakeholders in addressing environmental justice issues
  • Good practices and recommendations to enhance institutional frameworks for access to information, public participation and access to justice documented and disseminated

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For more information, please contact project manager Dylis McDonald at [email protected]

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