Sarah McIntosh has over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager and consultant in both the civil society and private sectors, and has worked in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. She is currently working as an independent consultant and facilitator, focusing mainly on capacity building, policy research and communications for sustainable development in the Caribbean. She is also part of a multi-disciplinary team that is developing a small nature park and retreat in Toco, Trinidad.

Sarah was CANARI’s Executive Director and Managing Partner between 2004 and 2010. As an Associate, she has worked on several of CANARI’s programmes, including Civil Society and Governance, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Green Economy.

Sarah has facilitated participatory and multi-disciplinary processes involving government agencies, civil society organisations (CSOs), communities and private business interests from different sectors throughout the Caribbean. Recent work has been on advocating for a more enabling legislative and fiscal framework for CSOs in Trinidad; enhancing the capacity of CSOs to engage in and advocate for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals; and building the capacity of CSOs in Trinidad for advocacy and monitoring and evaluation. She has also designed and delivered workshops on many topics related to organisational development, including good governance, strategic planning, financial management, project management and effective communications