As a native of the Caribbean, currently living in the Dominican Republic, Leida has always been attracted by colours and sound. The colours and sounds of nature. The colours and sounds of people. The chatter of tropical birds and frogs. The song of humpback whales and the beat of Salsa and Son. Leida loves nature and people, so she considers herself both a nature lover and a people person. That is why she works in the sustainable management of natural resources, in unison with local people, to facilitate their engagement in managing their natural environment and improving their livelihoods.

Leida has over 25 years’ professional experience in the intergovernmental and not-for-profit sectors, working on sustainable and social development issues. She also delivers hands-on consulting in land use planning; civil society strengthening; sustainable livelihoods; gender equity and respect for cultural and ethnic diversity; and empowerment and skills training for grassroots groups for development and conservation.  Recently her focus has been on biodiversity protection and sustainable livelihoods on the marine-terrestrial interface, sustainable tourism practices, coastal and marine management and climate change mitigation.

Leida has an MSc in Landscape & Environmental Planning, University of Hanover Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Development, Germany