Mr. Alexander Girvan is an Environmental Economist and Environmental Scientist who currently works as an independent consultant, with primary roles as an Adjunct Senior Technical Officer at the Caribbean Natural Research Institute and as an Associate at the Cropper Foundation. Mr. Girvan also serves as a lead author on the Global Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services values assessment.

He has 10 years of experience developing novel economic solutions to environmental problems in NGOs, academic, and diplomatic contexts in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, and Globally. In past roles, he served as the technical lead in promoting cooperation among the Association of Caribbean States members on issues pertaining to Caribbean Sea sustainability. Working with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Global Environment Facility, he determined the economic value of ecosystem services, such as flood prevention, pollination, and water provision in Trinidad and Tobago. He developed and taught a Master’s Level course on Environmental Studies and Environmental Economics at the University of the West Indies, and has worked in collaboration with the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the Korean International Cooperation Agency, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States.

He received his BSc with a double major in Economics and Geography from McGill University and his MSc in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management from the University of York with best in class honours.

Mr. Girvan loves forested beaches, hiking, and enjoying the Caribbean’s almost infinite biodiversity and natural beauty. He believes that positive change, particularly in the way we manage our environment, is possible through a thoughtful re-examination of how we communicate scientific information to government decision makers and the general public.